Privacy statement

This policy governs the manner in which collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users of this website.

In this policy, we only describe the information collected under the sub domain and do not include that of the primary domain Through visiting this website, you are also subject to the cookie notice by the University of St Andrews. You can, however, control your cookie preferences through this website.


We only use cookies for functionality of the website, specifically the map and timeline found on this website. We do not have access to any cookie information that are served by the University of St Andrews and cannot control them ourselves. You are able to opt out of these cookies using the “Cookie preferences” menu visible on each page.

Do Not Track

We comply with Do Not Track requests. This means that, if you have Do Not Track enabled in your browser, we will not collect or store any information.

Note, as already mentioned, Do Not Track settings may not affect the tracking performed by the main University domain To eliminate all tracking performed on this site, select “I do not accept” under “Cookie preferences”, or withhold selecting a preference.

Personal identification information (PIP)

We do not collect personally identifiable information.

Under GDPR, IP addresses are considered PIP. We anonymise IP addresses by stripping the final octet of IPv4 addresses or the last 80 bits of IPv6 addresses, meaning it cannot be used to identify you.

Additionally, we enforce IP hashing. This means that we will never be able to recover IP information in the future and use it to determine the location of visitors to our site in the event of future changes to this policy.

Non-personal identification information

We collect information about users when they visit the site. All information is anonymised and no profiling takes place. data we collect are:

  • web browser used to access the website (for example Firefox or Safari);
  • platform used to access the website (for example Android, Windows, or Linux);
  • device type used to access the website (for example mobile or desktop);
  • device model used to access the website (for example iPhone or Galaxy S20 FE);
  • referring sites (that is, the site or search engine that directed you to this website);
  • search terms used (for example “eclipse history st andrews”);

How we use your information

We use collected information for the following purposes only:

  • to keep log of how many visitors we get to this website and how they access it.

This data will only ever be used by us internally to assess how we can improve the site to improve outreach and how to target our efforts to improve user experience.

Sharing data

All data collected is only stored on our hosting web server. It is never transferred to a third party, and will never be in the future. Only those involved in the creation and maintenance of this website have access to data collected.

Changes to this policy

This website was initially developed by a team of six undergraduates and two postgraduates under the supervision of two lecturers at the University of St Andrews. It is likely that in the future, the team that develop this website will change. For this reason, we cannot promise that this policy will not change in the future, and advise that you periodically review this page for any changes.

In addition, changes may be made to the University of St Andrews cookie policy which may render parts of this policy incorrect. In the event of such changes, we will try to amend our policy in a timely manner.

Acceptance of these terms

By using this website, you agree to the acceptance of this policy. As previously stated, you also agree to the cookie policy of the University of St Andrews by extension. In the event that any changes are made in the future, upon using the site after these terms are enforced signifies that you agree to the updated terms.

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